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Bulletproof Raptor swoops in to foil hijackers

First factory-backed armoured Ranger Raptor delivered
Resists handgun fire up to .44 Magnum
Only 280kg added, Fox suspension retained

PRETORIA, South Africa – SVI Engineering, an armoured products expert, has delivered its first armoured Ford Ranger Raptor under a Ford-approved armouring scheme and it can be delivered by your local Ford dealer.

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The bakkie is rated at B4 – resistant up to .44 Magnum – to be an anti-hijack solution against brick-throwing and other hand-held projectiles. The protection consists of 18-21mm armoured glass in combination with Kevlar sheets in the vehicle’s shell.

Ford added: ”It’s discreet and adds only 280kg to the Ranger double-cab which means minimal impact on vehicle acceleration, fuel consumption and performance – each important for off-road prowess ‘out of the box’ with its Fox suspension.”


Ford SA did not approve the higher B6 (assault rifle) armour rating because of its lower payload compared to the other double-cab Rangers for which B6 is approved.

Conversion time time for a B4 armoured Raptor, Ford says, is about 10 weeks and the basic B4 armouring will cost R454 270 (ex-VAT) through any Ford dealer.


”All new Ford Rangers,” Ford SA told The Corner, ”will be standard with a four-year or 120 000km* comprehensive warranty, three-year unlimited distance roadside assistance, and five-year, unlimited distance, corrosion warranty.//

A six-year or 90 000km* service plan is included – that’s six services. Recommended service interval is 15 000km or annually*. A one year or 50 000km* warranty applies to the armouring.

*Whichever comes first.
BULLETPROOF FORD RAPTOR: Staying safe in these turbulent times Image: Supplied

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