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Crash-bags and seat-belts – stuff you might NOT know

JOHANNNESBURG, South Africa – As vehicles become more advanced, so do the safety features intended to keep drivers safe. What many drivers may not know is that most safet do not work if not used correctly or without the use of other safety features.

This requires drivers to fully understand the benefits of their vehicle’s technology and consequently how it works and what it needs to work properly. 


MasterDrive’s CEO Eugene Herbert told the Corner: “Crash bags ( airbags is such a misnomer as they inflate with nitrogen ) cannot function properly without crash-restraint belts. In most cars bags will likely still deploy, inflating at 300km/h – if you are not belt-restrained it will hit your chest at that speek

“Newer cars, particularly in First World countries, are investigating and experimenting with tech will deactivates such bags if the car senses an unfastened belt. It’s also very difficult to drive without a seat belt due to the warning signals – some cars won’t start without the belt fastened on an occupied seat.”


Adaptive cruise control (ACC) has for some years been available on new cars an enhanced version of cruise control that uses radar to calculate and maintain a save distance behind the vehicle ahead so removes the need to continually brake.”

Not, however, is it advised to activate such a system on a wet road..

And a final warning from Herbert: “Seldom does a safety feature work in isolation. Understand all safety features on your car and what is needed for it to work properly instead of becoming a hazard.”

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