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Suzuki SA bidding to launch next GSX-S1000 GT

BLITZING THE ROAD IN BLUE: Suzuki’s GSX-S1000 GT in action on the Capes awesome road’s. Image: Supplied

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Excitement continues to build in countries around the globe for their local arrival of Suzuki’s GSX-S1000 GT – an upgraded motorcycle with a fresh electronics package.

Unfortunately for South Africa, the bikes have to go through a stringent homologation inspection which might take biker fans through to next year (2022). Meanwhile, Carmans Corner will tell you what we have been told by the local distributor.

The first GSXS1000 GT units, it’s hoped, should arrive during the second quarter of 2022 – for which an official launch will be arranged that Carman’s Corner will tell you about as soon as possible afterwards.

And it is far to early to give any indication of prices.

FLIGHT TO THE END OF THE TUNNEL: The target is the white circle, the noise is the echoing of the Suzy’s exhaust. Image: Suzuki SA

The previous GSX-S1000 A and F units, Suzuki told The Corner, did quite well here in SA and Suzuki SA reports that ”customers just loved the power, smoothness, and reliability”. However, the coming model will have an all-new electronics package and fresh styling.

Among the upgrades expected are:

  • Three throttle-response modes.
  • Bi-directional quickshift.
  • Cruise control.
  • Easy start.
  • Ride-by-wire electronic throttle.
  • Low-revs assistance.
  • Five-mode traction control.
  • LCD instrumentation.
  • Diode head- and position lights.
  • Diode tail-lights and indicators.

Power will be on tap from a high-performance, 999cc, four-stroke, DOHC, liquid-cooled, inline-four developed for GT riding. ”The engine,” Suzuki told The Corner,, ”underwent a thorough review and  power revision for better balance of overall performance while satisfying Euro 5 emissions standards.

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‘There will also,” Suzuki SA says, ”be superbike performance, and minimal vibration for long-distance riding, Its broad and smooth torque curve with greater cumulative torque production will consistently deliver abundant power throughout the rev band so street riding will be as cool as high-speed long-distance touring – even when carrying gear and a pillion.

FULL FAIRING, FLAT OUT: Matching helmets, matching leathers. But the latest Suzuki will be hard to compare. Image: Supplied

A 16.5cm full-colour multi-information display is also expected thanks to a special Suzy development. The TFT LCD panel will feature an anti-reflective coating and a scratch-resistant surface, and smartphone connectivity.


In addition to day/night presentation and adjustable brightness, the screen’s custom display will have a tachometer and graphics. A brief custom animation will run as the ignition key is inserted – just for fun…!

The Corner reckons there’s gonna be a helluva lot of that – perhaps Suzuki might like to give The Corner a ride… we have a licence!

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SO THE RIDE’S OVER. Now’s the time to chat about it. Image: Supplied

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