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Bugatti Bolide: The most beautiful hypercar

Bugatti Bolide voted ‘world’s most beautiful hypercar’

‘Most extreme Bugatti sport car yet created’

Want to know how much – ya gotta read on

2021 BUGATTI BOLIDE: Image: Bugatti

PEBBLE BEACH, Monterey – The Bugatti Bolide, revealed in 2020 as ”the most extreme Bugatti yet created” by the French luxury marque and later confirmed at Pebble Beach 2021 for a limited production run, has been named ”world’s most beautiful hypercar”.

During the 36th International Automobile Festival in Paris a jury of design professionals awarded the Molsheim experivehicle victory – by ”a substantial margin” – in the ‘Hypercars’ category from four finalists.

2021 BUGATTI BOLIDE: Image: Bugatti

With the Bolide, Bugatti’s engineers and designers claim to have developed the lightest and most track-focused concept conceivable, based on the Bugatti W16 quad-turbo engine, numerous air-ducts and delicate front-end design more like an F1 car than a hyper sport-car.


The Bolide sits exceptionally low, its air scoop on the roof and a ground-hugging seating position. ”In combination with the striking rear diffuser,” Bugatti says, ”the dominant rear wing provides extreme downforce.”

Bugatti design director Achim Anscheidt told The Corner: “The Bolide was an entirely different challenge for our design team – a mental experiment which stripped the car to its W16 quad-turbo heart and rebuild it with the bare minimum to create the most extreme Bugatti yet.

2021 BUGATTI BOLIDE: Image: Bugatti

”We respected technical needs – for four months focused on function. Only then did we go for form.”

Bugatti expects at least three years of experimental concept until production and is aiming for a kerb weight of 1450kg, power-to-weight ratio of 0.9kg/PS burning 98 RON petrol.

Bugatti’s special-projects boss Nils Sajonz told us: “The Bolide, though functionally extreme, brims with Bugatti’s personality and tradition. It was inspired by the power-to-weight philosophy of a young Ettore Bugatti, who upset motorsport in the 1920s by designing light but nimble cars – think the Type 35.


”The Bolide’s cabin,” Bugatti adds, ”speaks purely to the needs of a race car. There’s a clear Bugatti identity in the cabin but one without the flourishes or luxuries of our road-going hypersports. The design creates minimal distraction/maximum visibility through a wraparound glasshouse.”

Frank Heyl, Bugatti’s deputy design director, explained: ”Critical controls are at the driver’s fingertips.”

2021 BUGATTI BOLIDE: Image: Bugatti

Since 1985 the Festival Automobile International has celebrated the automobile in its most beautiful, creative, exciting forms.


The industry – and changes within it – are examined, trends analysed. The Festival is also committed to shining a spotlight on the people who make the car what it is. Each year Festival judges reward not only major innovation but also bold automotive ideas and talent.

By now, The Corner thinks, you’ll be wondering ”How much?” for one of the only 40 Bolide units that will be assembled and delivered, the latter from 2024. The answer (for now) is a tidy four-million Euros – about $4 640 000 or R69 250 000.

2021 BUGATTI BOLIDE: Image: Bugatti

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