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More space, more fun, for MasterDrive trainees

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – MasterDrive has moved its training office to the Nasrec Expo Centre, north of Johannesburg, to accommodate its growing client base.

The new centre will offer many more benefits – among them a 4×4 training course, an improved area for practical training, and proximity to the office. CEO Eugene Herbert told The Corner: “The location of the training area for practical instruction is next door to the office and just a short walk to an even bigger and better training area.”

Both the team and clients will also benefit from the greater space that the training office has to offer. It will allow instructors to further optimise training and accept more candidates if necessary.

“Now that we’ve moved to Level 1 Covid lockdown we’ll be able to accommodate the many clients who need to catch up on training.”

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Nasrec is one of South Africa’s best-known exhibition facilities and its proximity to the city makes it easy to reach. Herbert promised: “We’re looking forward to training your drivers using the new facilities for the Auto-Gymkhana.

“It has an improved area for practical training and the office is right next door.”

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