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On the way! We doubt there’s a bakkie to beat this Ford Ranger


PRETORIA, South Africa – Ford SA is about to launch the next version of its long-running Ranger bakkie with a wider and more functional cargo beda nd a number of new features for work and play.

Ford’s Gary Boes told The Corner in a media release: “We wanted to deliver an exceptional bakkie able to manage anything… including an array of solutions to secure cargo, facilitate the after-market features, and DIY customising.

IT’S GOT EVERYTHING! Is this the best-equipped family on/off-roader that South Africa has yet seen? Image: Ford SA

”For instance, segmented DIY storage spaces created by simply sliding planks into loadbed slots or building a bike rack. Tie-downs in the bed, adjustable sliding cleats to secure odd-shaped cargo, external rails for bulky loads.

SUPERRAILS. Way more useful than similar items on other bakkies in South Africa.
Image: Ford

”We asked about 5000 bakkie owners how they used their trucks – and what would improve their next one. So, Ford added six attachment points in the protective load box capping to take accessories such as a canopy, crossbars, a tent.”


The investigation went deeper as more bakkie-users were interviewed. The result: under-seat storage, retractable cupholders, cubbies everywhere – even a space for a second battery. Further thought brought wiring for auxiliary switches – think driving lights and, hey! – a winch.

Oh yeah, and loadbed lights – you’ll know what that will mean when the family is trying to set up camp and looking for stuff after sunset. But wait, as they adverts used to say, there’s even more…

Watch Ford’s video about the upcoming Ford Ranger models.

Lights, that is. Headlights, puddle-lamps, number-plate bulbs, box lighting, can be set to illuminate the area around the bakkie or just specific areas, or to work on stuff in the dark – the tailgate can be raised/lowered (one-handed) to become a workbench and two clamps hidden by spring caps will secure timber or other materials.

YOU WANT ACCESSORY SOCKETS? Well, the latest Ford Range has just what you are looking for. Image: Supplied

But wait, there’s more… a built-in ruler with 10mm increments (on models not fitted with a drop-in load-bed liner) will make measuring easy.

Ever thought a couple of power tools would come in handy when out in the bush?Ford did – so added a power socket to the loadbed to run compatible appliances (see why that second battery might come in handy…).

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Talking loadbeds, that of the upcoming Ranger has a volume of 1233 litres and is slightly wider than its predecessor – so a Europallet will fit ‘twixt the rear wheel-arches and internal rail//spring-loaded adjustable cleats at nine locations can accept any tie-downs.


Six fixed external tie-down points can accept ratchet straps and ropes (Wildtrak units have aluminium extrusions to do the same job) plastic cappings protect the loadbed edges. But Ford forged on with carrying capacity…


Cabin roof mounts can support 350kg’s worth of racks or platform and an (extra-cost option) of a powered roller-shutter with which owners can open/close with a key fob key fob, via a switch in the loadbox, or even from the bakkie’s instrument panel.

Special channels run down the sides of the roller shutter to accept mounts for bikes, snowboards/skis, kayaks, camping gear – whatever…

OK then, that’s all good, but what about the humans who might want to be part of the fun? More cabin storage space and a new centre console will handle the odd stuff that accumulates in any family vehicle. ”That,” Ford told The Corner, ”means owners can keep their next-gen Ranger more organised than ever.”

STUFF IN THE STUFF: No matter, the seat squabs will sill go flat. Image: Ford

Bins underneath the rear seats (see image) can be over-filled but the squabs can still be dropped into place. The rear seat-back will fold flat – so squeeze in more gear, folks!


Tired of reading yet? Tough, there’s even more (my typing fingers are taking strain!)…

‘Extra Versatility’ customers can further personalise their next-gen Ranger from a range of 600 factory-backed work, urban, and adventure accessories (depending on country) from Australian off-road geniae ARB 4×4 Accessories.

BACK OF THE BAKKIE… and therein ends the tale. Image: Ford

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