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It’s a final farewell to the monster Beemer V12’s

  • Limited Edition BMW M760i xDrive
  • Only 12 will be released to the US market
  • MSRP of $200 000 (R3 104 000) plus $995 destination charge
  • US production scheduled for June 2022

WOODCLIFF LAKE, New Jersey – Come June 2022 BMW America will assemble the absolutely final V12 engines to be fitted to a BMW series-production road vehicle. To mark the occasion, BMW a probably tearful exec will badge them The Final V12.

Each will be based on the mighty BMW M760i xDrive and be distinguishable from the V12 herd with unique badging, wheel-rims, and a choice from the vast collection of exterior colours and upholstery offered by BMW Individual.


BMW introduced the first road-going V12 in 1987: a non-turbo, five-litre M70 with single overhead camshafts, 24 valves, and a then innovative drive-by-wire electronic throttle together capable of 220kW and the original BMW 750L became the standard by which every other luxury sedan of the time would be measured.


The V12 engines destined for The Final V12 units will displace 6.6 litres and be fed by BMW M TwinPower Turbo technology. Two mono-scroll turbochargers combined with infinitely variable valve control (Double VANOS and Valvetronic) and high-precision direct injection will be able to produce a tad less than 450kW from 5500-6500rpm.

Together with an eight-speed Sport auto transmission moves the Last of the V12s will reach 120km/h in about 3.6sec.

There will be no flashy badging – just a simple V12 on the boot but 20” Style 760M double-spoked light-alloy wheel rims will tell the tale, behind them formidable M Sport brakes with either blue or black callipers.

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Threshhold plates at each door will declare THE FINAL V12, as will a plate on the top cover of the mighty 12-cylinder. Piano Black trim will surround the passengers and a single plate for each car will be numbered 1 OF 12.

No luxury or performance feature will be left out: BMW’s Driving Assistance Professional Package, Luxury rear seating package, Sky Lounge roof, Icon adaptive diode headlights, and Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surroundsound audio.

Buyers will be allowed to choose from more than 80 exterior colours and several tones of Merino leather upholstery from BMW Individual.

Each customer, soon after delivery, will receive a custom-built desk trophy matching their Beemer and recognising the special-order paint, leather, and vehicle identification number.


With The Final V12, BMW says, the brand will have a unique opportunity to recognise and appreciate a group of enthusiasts which, through the years, has shown enduring passion for” the ultimate luxury sport sedan”.

Soon after you read this requiem clients with a long history of V12 7-Series ownership will be approached through their preferred BMW branch with an invitation to buy One of the Twelve.

Production will start in June 2022, deliveries expected in July.

On behalf of Carman’s humble Corner and automobile-lovers worldwide, may they rest NOT in peace but instead, for decades to come, exist to recall an unmatchable era of automotive history.

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