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Keep on truckin’! Million-kays Hino for baker

PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa – A fourth Hino in the national Sasko Bakeries fleet recently clocked up more than a million kilometres of service – a 700 Series 2845 bought in 2015 and operating across the Eastern Cape.

It’s one of 183 Hinos in the Sasko fleet.

“The only major repair,” the owner reported, “was a clutch replacement at 865 000km. Minor maintenance involved a few oil and water leaks.”

KEEPING WHEELS ON THE ROAD: The 1 000 000km Hino at a SASKO fleet workshop with (from left) workshop manager Kamil Haridhayali, driver John Rafani, and technician Michael Kurten. Image: Supplied

Technical manager Arno Lourens, responsible for the national fleet shared by 13 bakeries countrywide, told The Corner: “This particular Hino has been serviced at 40 000km intervals, strictly to Hino’s schedule, with servicing split between Algoa Hino and Sasko’s workshop Port Elizabeth.


“Sasko has been using Hinos in its mixed fleet since 1990 and we have found their most impressive features to be reliability and durability – along with support from the Hino dealer network.

“Reliability is critical to our round-the-clock operations countrywide – we can’t afford unscheduled downtime!”

“Our decisions on truck replacement are based mainly on cost-of-ownership, not necessarily kilometres. We don’t See the need to replace.”

THE GUYS WHO MAKE IT POSSIBLE: …and the million-kays truck. Image: Supplied

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