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Snow and ice can’t stop Maserati Grecale’s energy

MODENA, Italy – Testing continues on Maserati’s Grecale prototypes, the most recent (late 2021) in cold Swedish glades where they delivered maximum power in extreme conditions on very low-grip surfaces.

Image: Maserati

Not even snow and ice, the automaker reported through its South African operation, could hinder the Grecale’s energy.

”Prototypes were tested to fine-tune ignition and driveability at extreme temperatures, check vehicle dynamics on tar, snow, and ice, and to maintain cabin comfort in all weathers down to -30°C in Lapland.

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Image: Maserati

”Even in extreme conditions,” Maserati added, ”the Grecale showed exceptional balance on low-grip handling tracks at a range of circuits, including demanding routes featuring corners, slopes, long straights and drops, on snow and ice.”

Image: Maserati

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