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Welcome to 2022 – and a new attitude to road safety

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – Now that most people have returned to work for 2022 the Road Safety Partnership SA is encouraging drivers to commit to road safety…

Drivers should re-acquaint themselves with safe driving to prepare for greater traffic volumes and potentially less-confident drivers. So, try to become a courteous and patient driver.

The RSP-SA suggests: “Every time one driver extends a courtesy to another the roads become a slightly more pleasant place. Every time you apply patience when a fellow driver errs recklessly the number of impatient drivers should decrease.

“Safer roads are created when drivers don’t have to struggle – such as being allowed to merge lanes, make a right turn, overtake – comfortably by other drivers.


Every driver errs occasionally – so, if his or her error affects you, chill rather than become aggressive or reckless.

“Unfortunately,” the RSP-SA belieces, “many in South Africa believe breaking traffic laws, such as failing to stop at a four-way because others – taxi drivers, that’s you – do so.

“A driver might escape the consequences of bad driving most of the time but, at some point, things will go wrong. Whether or not you consider this acceptable driving it does not change the reality that you, and possibly other people, could be injured or suffer financial loss.

“Basing your driving decisions on a commitment to safer roads will positively affect you, your family, other drivers – and the economy.”

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