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Haval whips up revised Steeds for 2022

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – Haval Motors SA has upgraded its bakkie range – the Steed 5, Steed 6, and Steed 5e.

The Chinese brand says there’s been no lack of improvement and vehicle safety thanks to overall changes that include spec upgrades, design changes, and more-powerful engines. The chassis is unchanged.

Two grades will be available in SA: the S – a workhorse – and SX, the latter a mid-grade spec, but  each has the same six-speed gearbox. The petrol Steed engine has been discontinued.

UPDATED HAVAL 4X4 RANGE: Imported from China. Image: Haval Motors SA

The AA in December 2021 released negative NCAP results though only the entry version was tested. It had neither crash-bags not anti-lock brakes so. Haval’s China-based R&D and planning teams added crash bags and anti-lock brakes for all units.

So the coming Steed range, each with manual transmission – single-cab diesel 2.0 S 4×2, 2.0 S 4×4; 2.0 SX 4×4, and double-cab 2.0 SX and 2.0 SX 4×4.

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Here are some of the changes: Colour-coded grille and bumper, black “luxury” trim with the overall look and feel of the outgoing Steed 6 cabin. S & SX grades will feature the same AM/FM radio with USB port.


S Grade: Power-assisted steering, outer tie-down, remote central locking, two crash-mitigation-bags, radio, electric adjustment for external mirrors, power window-lifts, air-conditioning 16″ steel wheel rims and electronically invoked all-wheel drive.

SL Grade (in addition to the above spec on S Grade): Front and rear foul-weather lights; rear bumper parking sensors, part-leather upholstery and steering-wheel. 16″ alloy wheel-rims, tyre-pressure monitors, anti-lock brakes.

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