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Hyundai Staria in SA: Going big for people and business

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – Hyundai’s Staria latest multi-purpose range in South Africa has grown with the addition of its Multicab – a five-seater van with a separate cargo area that adds a level of versatility to create a leisure vehicle able to carry big items for commercial use.

The first Staria models arrived in South Africa back in 2021 which Hyunda describd s ”a futuristic design with superior ride quality and a premium driving experience”.

2022 HYUNDAI STARIA: Image: Hyundai SA

The Multicab joins three other STARIA variants in the South African range: the Luxury, Elite and Executive, with seating for up to 11 and with features and trim levels. A Staria panel van will be added to the local range later in 2022.

Stanley Anderson, sales/operations director of Hyundai Auto SA, commented: “We’ve compliments and positive reviews since 2021 launch – it gives real meaning to ‘next level’. Two months of sales has attracted seven percent of its market segment for the year.

2022 HYUNDAI STARIA. Image: Supplied

“The Multicab has luxury features and superior ride quality but adds the practicality of a five-seat vehicle with a large, secure, very useful cargo bay. Mountain-bike riders, campers, and other leisure lifestylers will love it!

”Yet, it can also be used as a van.”


Shapewise, Hyundai says, the Staria is is ídentified by a single stroke running front to rear and, somewhat romantically, as ”inspired by the curve of light that illuminates the Earth’s horizon at sunrise when viewed from space”.

The nose is punted as having ”a bold, wide, radiator grille with a unique pattern, and two low-set headlights. A lowered beltline and large windows offer exceptional panoramas intended to emphasise a feeling of openness.

”This sense of openness,” Anderson says, ”This sense of spaciousness “encourges occupants to see the outside as an extension of the cabin.”

The design theme carries over to the rear, featuring elongated vertical tail lamps. The rear bumper is lowered so passengers can easily load and unload cargo.

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The Staria Multicab is available in four exterior colours: white, grey dark blue and silver.

The cabin has been simplified with a modest layout to highlight the driver’s convenience and passengers’ comfort while staying faithful to its original value as an MPV.

“The cruise-ship-inspired space,” Hyundai enthused, ”delivers an open atmosphere through innovative design. The front and second-row seats have been designed ”for space and comfort. The driver’s seat ”has a futuristic high-tech look” faced by a 20cm screen and a shift lever for the Multicab which comes with black trim and faux-leather upholstery.


It’s no small vehicle, either…. a luxury car usually makes about five metres long but the Staria will take up but the Staria is a little longer at 5.253m which allows easy cabin access for all occupants.

The Multicab has a payload of 1074kg and can tow a brake-equipped trailer mass of 2500kg kg, or 750kg unbraked. Load volume is 2890 litres.

STUFF YOU MIGHT ONLY HAVE SEEN IN POSH VEHICLES: Now standard in Hyundai’s new people-mover. Image: Supplied

Six injury-mitigation bags (nitrogen-filled, as are all others) are standard, as are three-point crash restraints and head restraints.


Drivers’ awareness of approaching and passing traffic will be assisted by blind-spot detection and rear-traffic radar. The touch-screen display on every model employs a rear wide-angle camera, andparking radar front and rear.

The infotainment system, standard in all models, can link via Bluetooth to Android or Apple systems and standard aircon has automatic control.

The multi-function steering-wheel carries control buttons for the infotainment centre and cruise control. Wondering about your cellphone? Your and your front passenger’s best friends will find charging pads.


Motive power for the Staria will be supplied by a 130kW/430Nm, 2.2-litre, turbodiesel and delivered through an eight-speed autobox. Hyundai media information sent to The Corner adds that the engine has been optimised for quiet running.

All of which will cruise the highways with ”exceptional ride quality” with read leaf-springs chosen for load-carrying ability.


The Hyundai Staria at launch (February 2022) will cost R759 900 but be delivered with a seven-year or 200 000km (whichever comes first) manufacturer’s warranty, seven years of roadside assistance, roadside assistance for seven years or 150 000km (wcf), and six-year (or 90 000km (wcf) service plan.

LONGER THAN SOME LIMOUSINES: The 2022 Hyundai Staria comfortably exceeds five metres in length. Image: Supplied

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