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Subaru SA branches get new Foresters

SMOOTHER, NEATER, MORE STYLISH: Subaru has updated its Forester two- and all-wheel drive wagons for South African buyers in 2022. Image: Supplied

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Subaru Southern Africa’s most popular SUV, the Forester has received a mid-life update, further heightening its appeal. The MY2022 units will ring in the brand’s 30th anniversary in South Africa and be available in local dealers through January 2022.

NEW FOR THE NEW YEAR: Subaru SA is taking deliveries of its latest Forester SUV. Get on down to your nearest dealer for a closer look.
Image: Supplied

The 2022 Forester will be offered in four derivatives: two and 2.5-litre engines in either Sport or Premium features and specifications: the most obvious are on the nose: a larger, though still hexagonal, grille but smaller headlights. Extra black bits have been added to the cooling grid and the headlights now include an array of diodes for a greater spread of light.


For comparison, Sport units have six-diode units, the Premium Forester’s foggies have three chromed horizontal pieces. Alloy wheel-rims are, according to model, sized to accommodate 17 or 18″ tyres.

‘Cascade Green Silica’ is one of the body shades: others are (the capital letters and names are Subaru’s) Crimson Red Pearl, Crystal Black Silica, Crystal White Pearl, Horizon Blue Pearl, Ice Silver Metallic, Magnetite Grey Metallic, and Sepia Bronze Metallic, depending on model.

Sport colours are unchanged: Magnetite Grey Metallic, Ice Silver Metallic, Dark Blue Pearl, Crystal Black Silica, Crystal White Pearl.

HOW GREEN IS MY FORESTER? The once-chunky 4×4 wagons have become way sleeker over the years. This the 2022 version has just arrived (Jan 2022) in South Africa. Image: Supplied

The power trains are those of previous years though front suspensions have been tweaked to, Subaru says, ”improve steering response, ride quality and handling”.

Subaru’s all-terrain systems have, however, been updated to add greater off-road downhill sensitivity.

X-Mode (all-wheel drive, in English) is available on each Forester but an advance in camera system gives ”almost double the vision”. They also bring ”lane-centring” to adjust cruise control speed, automatic braking, and lane-departure alerts.

NO ESCAPING IT – DIGITAL DO-DAHS ARE THE WAY TO GO… The 2022 Subaru Outback has a fine collection. Image: Subaru SA

Even more protection – for car occupants, pedestrians, cyclists – and other vehicles comes with the equipment: blind-spot protection/warning, cross-traffic alerts, reversing radar/braking, and ”road junk avoidance” – The Corner’s description for junk lying in the road.


Subaru has also paid attention to its products roof rails – betcha never even thought of them, did you… something new parents might seriously consider in their search for their first family car. Howcomeso?, as a former fellow motoring scribes used to say…?

Well, as camping grows in popularity, car-roof loads have grown (who the heck can afford a week in a Durban hotel or a stay in a game-park thatchie-rondavel? So, Subaru has strengthened theirs (roof-rails, not thatchies). Think heavy canvas tents instead…

All of which will be hauled along the holiday highways and byways by the boxer (horizontally opposed pistons) and all-wheel drive for sticky bits in Kruger… which takes us to the prices of the revised Subbies…

COMING AT YA! Not from the American West but instead from the Far East – the latest from Subaru. Image: Supplied


Nteo Nkoli, Subaru SA’s sales manager, told The Corner: ”The new Foresters – as were their predecessors – will still be most popular with buyers – especially because of the updates.

”SA introduction of the various models will run through January 2022.”

Each Subaru Forester will be delivered with a three-year or 75 000km (whichever comes first) maintenance plan and a five-year or 150 000km (whichever comes first) warranty.

Each can be extended – but here are the January 2022 prices…

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