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Worried about your licence renewal? You should be…

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – The Automobile Association in South Africa has been encouraged that the driving licence production machine is again operational and that huge backlots are being addressed.

The machine used in South Africa to make the cards broke down and was sent for repairs in Germany.<br

The AA, however, told The Corner it’s still worried that further time will be needed to shift the backlog of 2.1-million cards.

In August 2021 transport minister Fikile Mbalula announced that licences which expired between March 26 2020 and August 31 2021 would remain valid until March 31 2022.


There was, he added, still a backlog of 600 000 cards to be printed at the end of November 2021. Printing finally resumed on January 22 2022 with a target of 400 000 cards a month to clear the backlog.

That date has now been extended to May 1 2022 despite there being two other card centres – one in Midrand, the other in Centurion – it seems uncertain whether they can help.

Mbalula also announced that new, more secure, diving cards would be available towards the end kof 2023.<br />today also announced that new driving licence cards with advanced security features would be available from October 2023.


The AA again: “These cards might provide added securityto be used as official identification. However, if existing card problems are not resolved a new card will solve nothing.

”We eagerly await the introduction of new online procedures to start on February 17 2022.”

The AA also wants card validity to be extended from five to 10 years.

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