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Tough-guy Toyotas: Back-up armour for basic bakkies

  • Toyota Hilux bakkies armoured by SVI ‘save lives’
  • Stopgun V2.0 kit ‘choice for security industry’
  • Semi-discreet armouring for for popular bakkies

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – SVI Engineering, a specialist manufacturer of vehicular armour, says its B6 Stopgun V2.0 kit for Toyota’s Hilux ”is the preferred choice” for South Africa’s security industry

It’s also available for Ford Rangers – in each case claiming to provide security companies ”with armour to combat crime, escort valuables in transit, and for mine patrols.

POST-ATTACK DAMAGE: In for repairs after an armed attack somewhere in South Africa. Image: Supplied

The ”semi-discreet” kit is made for single-, extended- and double-cab bakkies to protect against assault rifles (such as AK47 and R1). It takes around four weeks to prepare and three more to instal.

Stopgun is said to replace double-door systems with unobtrusive door armour that upgrades door hinges. Flat armoured glass is bolted into each window frame to allow fuss-free replacement after an attack.

This system, shown in detail in a new video uploaded to SVI’s YouTube channel, claims ballistic protection to the old double-door arrangement while cutting personal injury risk ”considerably” and the curtain nitrogen protection bag is unaffected – said to be a first.

DAMAGED BUT NO PENETRATION: The Toyota upgrade keeps employees safe. Image: Supplied

the roof, front wings, all pillars, all glass, and some of the firewall get B6 bullet-resistant protection, as do the vehicle’s battery and ABS unit. Gun ports are standard but can be deleted on request and the total mass increase is about 650 kg – countered, on request, by a suspension upgrade.

SVI’s Nicol Louw told The Corner: ”The kit has become a default solution for SA security companies transporting valuables, responding to emergencies, and patrols. Attacked armoured security vehicles come in frequently for repairs.


  • Single Cab: from R241 110
  • Extended Cab: from R278 910
  • Double Cab: from R344 779

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