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Not been hijacked? Tracker warns ‘lose the casual attitude’

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Tracker’s vehicle crime statistics for the period July to December 2021 reveal that the nature of vehicle crime has changed and that, for the past three years, the number of hijackings has increased to overtaken theft as the predominant percentage of vehicle crime.

Data recorded by Tracker’s more than 1.1-million vehicle installations reports that hijacking made up 57,5% of vehicle crime for the second half of 2021 – reversing data from July to December 2018 when theft accounted for 57,2% of crime.

”The shift to hijacking is,” Tracker says, ”most likely an opportunistic tactic with a noticeable increase in vehicles being targeted for their contents – particularly fast-moving consumables. Drivers carrying large amounts of cash are also being targeted.”


Tracker data indicated that most hijacks were reported on Thursdays (followed by Tuesdays) – mostly between 4pm and 8pm. However, the percentage difference to other days and times was marginal.”

”Hijacks can happen any day, any time, so always remain vigilant.”

Gauteng has most vehicle crime, followed by kwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape – that last having the most frequent hijacks with a 78/22% split – followed by Gauteng with a 55/45% split and with a 53/47% split in favour of ‘jacks.

Tracker was involved in 3144 vehicle recoveries and 337 arrests and the recovery of 22 firearms during the the six-month period under review.


Duma Ngcobo, Tracker’s COO, told The Corner: “As our Covid lives head back to normal crime does not. It’s more difficult to steal a vehicle that’s locked, armed, and in a secure location than while on the road.

”Collaboration between private security and the police is needed to tackle vehicle crime.”

Ordinary folk, however, could help by fitting a tracking device but the prevailing attitude was ”a car’s just a car, insurable, replaceable”.

Tracker, however, sees it this way: ”It’s no longer just about stolen vehicle recovery. It’s about what’s in the car – and more importantly keeping you and your family safe.”

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