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Top tips to preserve your alloy wheel- rims

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – Driving too close to road kerbs is just one way to scrape or damage your expensive alloy wheel rims. Careful you might be, but it’s going to happen eventually.

Car rental experts at often find a rental returned with damaged wheels so has compiled a ‘How To… list of things to do keep them looking good as new.

Brake pads can also cause concern when it comes to alloy care because pads wear dust is very abrasive.

A spokesperson commented: “Alloy rims can be an expensive accessory for many cars and can cause a lot of expense and headaches if damaged. So, we’ve come up with some tips to keep rims in good condition, starting with a regular cleaning routine…”

USE A JET OF WATER? Not a good idea – that can dent or crack a rim. Instead, fill a bucket with hot water and throw it over the wheels to loosen worst of the dirt, followed by a non-abrasive sponge to clean between and behind the spokes.


BUYING protection wax can protect alloys and make cleaning easier (check to ensure the products is pH-neutral). It helps dirt to slide off. Yes, you could buy rim protectors but they can collect dirt which will stick behind it – on your rims.


BRAKE PADS GENERATE a lot of dust and muck which can stick to, and gradually corrode, all rims. New pads generate less dust – and, in any case, worn pads can be dangerous.


DIRT BUILDING UP on your alloys can cause corrosion – it could be mud, it cold be winter salt, but getting into the habit of, once a week, cleaning the wheels will keep them looking their best,


THE MOST COMMON alloy-rim destroyer is a kerb. Be careful when parallel-parking or being close to unusually high kerbstones. They can easily scratch and dent alloys. t’s going to happen, but just be extra careful.


A SCUFFED RIM can be fixed by sanding-down the damage and repainting it. There are also alloy-wheel refurbishment specialists who do the job – and even customise the wheels rims’ colour.

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