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Mbalula: ‘Decisive road-safety strategy needed’

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – During the country’s latest presentation on road statistics (Monday February 21) Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula discussed a number of initiatives to reduce death on the roads.

The SA Road Safety Partnership has approved the initiatives, hopesl fewer people will die, and says only a targeted approach from all sectors will succeed

“The effectiveness of some measures remains to be seen but some look more decisive, more proactive.”


The RSP-SA added: “January crashes increased by 75%, deaths by 78%, if compared to January 2021. Statistics also revealed that pedestrians accounted for 59% of deaths and, of more than 4800 drivers arrested for traffic offences, almost 1000 involved alcohol.

“Decisive action is needed against those who put themselves and other road-users at risk. The proposed initiatives will address some of the worst problems.

“Ultimately, real change will need government and public to play a role.”

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