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Hurrah! We’re all safe! Here’s the ANC’s road-safety strategy

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – During the country’s latest presentation on road-death statistics February 2022 the nation’s brown Transport Minister, Fikile Mbalula, drew attention to initiatives he hoped would reduce the road-death toll.

The Road Safety Partnership South Africa approved them and expected the toll to shrink with its ”targeted approach”. The media release was semi-literate, but here’s the essence…

He listed the ”measures as:

Operations to prevent drunk-driving during weekends (and the rest of the week?).
A national pedestrian programme on hazardous routes.
Road-safety education and awareness campaigns for young people.
Having stakeholders assist with a special focus on driver/vehicle fitness


Mbalula continued: “During January 2022 crashes increased by 75%, deaths by 78%, against January 2021 and showed pedestrian deaths made up the most at 59%.

“Almost 1000 of the more than 4800 drivers arrested tested positive for alcohol. so it’s clear stringent action is needed. The proposed initiatives address some of the biggest statistical problems.

”Ultimately, however, real change depends not only on the government but also on everybody being responsible. Now that government is taking firm steps towards real change we encourage drivers to do their part.”


He did not, however, enlarge on the ANC’s ”firm steps” and, frankly, The Corner does not expect them to be successful.

Road Safety South Africa added: ”There can be serious consequences… anything can go wrong at any time so, with this in mind, we commit to protecting all road-users,”

Thank you, gentlemen and ladies, from The Corner – that is seriously reassuring.


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