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SA vehicle armour experts expand into Saudi

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – SVI Engineering, specialist manufacturer of armoured products in South Africa, has expanded into Saudi Arabia, where it plans to develop and assemble a variety of armoured vehicles and military equipment.

Not The Corner’s usual fare but off-roaders and 4×4 fans – as well as local security companies – will be interest through the use of rugged Toyota Land Cruiser chassis and engine.

Identified by its Saudipartners – Shamal Commercial Investments and Hala Auto – as a world leader in the vehicle-armouring industry, the South African firm forms an integral part of the new SVI Saudi Industries fully registered in the region and setting up a factory.

The operation, The Corner was told, will benefit from SVI’s experience with products to combat crime and save lives in South Africa and focus on the growing military, security and civilian sectors in Saudi Arabia.


SVI Saudi Industries will be launched at a World Defence Show 2022 in the capital, Riyadh, from March 6-9 2022 while, displaying its MAX 3 armoured vehicle, the mighty MAX 9 armoured personnel carrier, and the popular semi-discreet Stopgun V2.0 armouring package.

The MAX 3 was developed to provide security forces with equipment to counter crime, terrorism, violent demonstrations, and regional conflicts. And is based on Toyota’s Land Cruiser 79 chassis/engine but in various body configurations, including an eight-seater troop carrier.


The latest version of the MAX 9, meanwhile, cab be adapted for military and other uses: personnel carrier, weapons platform, law enforcement or peacekeeping or battlefield ambulance.

It’s propelled by a Cummins 6.7-litre turbodiesel engine spinning a five-speed Allison automatic gearbox.

SVI’s “semi-discreet was” Stopgun V2.0 armouring, already popular with South Africa’s mining, security and valuables-in-transit companies, will also be offered.

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