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Sporty Peugeot 308 takes global Women’s Car of Year title

AUCKLAND, New Zealand – The 2022 Peugeot 308 has been declared ‘Women’s World Car of the Year after voting by 56 female members of the autocourt’s jury representing 40 countries from all five continents.

It was one of 65 nominated new models launched globally through 2021..

The title was contested over two rounds: the first to choose the best from six  categories. Then, on February 14 , was chosen as ‘Urban and Compact Car of the Year 2022’. Finally, it was It was voted Supreme Winner of the Women’s World Car of the Year from six finalists, thus winning the coveted prize ahead of all competitors around the world.

The title, going to the sedan and estate versions, is the first such win for the brand – French, but with a global presence.


It’s the first such win for Peugeot and the first to carry the automaker’s new badging. The company reported: ”The new 308 seduces through its design, technology, and wide choice of efficient propulsion units – plug-In hybrid, petrol, diesel and, soon, full electric – and 65,000 orders have already been lodged.

Of which, in Europe, almost 25% are badged PHEV.

The WWCOTY has become, since inception in 2009, the only world automotive award judged exclusively by female automotive journalists.


However, the voting criteria are those that guide any car customer: safety, quality, price, design, intuitive driving, ecological footprint.

Countries represented areNew Zealand, Spain, Austria, Dubai, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Cyprus, Italy, Finland, USA, Germany, Portugal, Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, Canada, Vietnam, Ireland, Estonia, Israel, Chile, England, Greece, Colombia, Australia, Netherlands, India, Denmark, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, Ecuador, France, Peru, and China.


The cars have the latest driving aids – compact steering-wheel, digital eye-level handset, central touchscreen with configurable button, and a connected and intuitive infotainment system similar to a smartphone.

THE WORLD WINNER: Peugeot’s 2022 308. Image: Peugeot

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