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‘No time like now to sell a car in no time at all’

CAPE TOWN, South AfrIca – AutoTrader has launched a service called Instant Offer through which vehicles owners can generate a ”unique and market-driven” valuation within minutes and produce a solid offer.

Hmmm…. anyway, this is what The Corner has been told:

Anyway, according to AutoTrader CEO George Mienie, this ”unparalleled” service will make private selling possible – and are guaranteed a live-market trade price.

“We worked extremely hard to come up with a concept that makes online selling easier, quicker, and more convenient than any other car buying-service.” he added.


First move: Use AutoTrader’s Car Valuation Tool to determine the vehicle’s possible worth. “Our unique tech accurately matches a car’s value against live-market data. However, we don’t stop there – the crucial difference is that we make sure the buyer’s final offer will be in line with current market trends.

”Only AutoTrader can calculate accurate valuations based on live-market data – a free service built into Instant Offer.”

Explanation… There are two values for any used car: trade and retail. Trade value – paid instantly – is the amount a buyer might expect for a car in showroom condition and from a dealer.

”Retail is the price one can expect if in showroom condition. In this stance, the seller needs to list the car on AutoTrader then wait for buyers to make contact – time consuming and perhaps inconvenient.”


The second step is acceptance of the Instant Offer. ”Once a buyer is happy with the free car-valuation they take about five minutes to complete an obligation-free online application to give AutoTrader vehicle details and ‘condition’  – with images..”

A written offer, The Corner was told, ”will appear ‘within an hour”.

Step 3 is a physical inspection; assuming no material faults are found a final offer will be made. The inspection will take place at a location convenient to the seller on the same day – meaning ”the entire process is extremely efficient and fast.”


“We understand two very important things: people who want to sell their car don’t want to waste time. Second, we’ve made Instant Offer a simple process expedited in minimal time.”

Instant Offer will be launched in a phased approach -it’s for now available in Gauteng, Cape Town, and Durban. It will be available nationally in the coming weeks.

To find out more, visit:

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