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Model shock! Most of Volvo SA range goes electric

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – Volvo has announced that most its South African model range now has electric versions and it’s thanks to a global transformation promised by 2030.

The SA model range, the local company says, now predominantly offers all-electric, plug-in hybrid, and mild-hybrid options.

Volvo Car SA’s MD Greg Maruszewski told The Corner: ”The move is in line with the Gothenburg-based company’s global strategy. Our mild-hybrid vehicles release less exhaust emissions, cut fuel-consumption, and have stronger road performance.

”They’re stepping stones to our plug-in hybrids which will add electric-on.y power.”


Wheels24 wasn’t invited but was told examples were driven during the event: the XC40 P8 Recharge, XC60 T8 Recharge, and XC90 T8 Recharge plug-in hybrids. B5 and B6 mild-hybrid variants – the rest of the XC60 and XC90 versions – were also show for journos to experience their on-the-move energy-recovery abilities.

Maruszewski’s media release told The Corner the local distributors decided to bring in the battery/petrol cars because ”the powertrain is an ideal solution for most company buyers”.


He added that not only the safety technology ”intrinsic to Volvo’s vehicles” but also ”the class-leading” connectivity available, such as an Android-powered infotainment system complete with Google apps and services.

The media release added: ”In global terms, the rapid growth of our electric range continues -Recharge models were 34% of our global sales through the fourth quarter of 2021 and plug-in hybrids made up 28%.

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