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New US tech aims to slash rider, walker, and kids’ road-deaths

Electric-car silence, The Corner suggests, is not golden when it comes to cyclists’ and pedestrians’ awareness of rear-approaching vehicles… and so is happy to carry this good news to drivers, riders. and walkers.

SEEING THE HAZARD, SAVING A LIFE. Techies in the US are working on saving the lives of cyclists and, particularly, school-children. Image: Supplied

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – Audi America has joined a US development called C-V2X (cyclist-to-vehicles) communication to explore technology that will slash the number of road deaths involving drivers, and riders – and even pedestrians.

Audi US says it will work with cycling organisation Spoke, Qualcomm Tech, and Commsignia to bring the benefits of cellular vehicle-to-everything (CV2X) technology to vulnerable road users.

The groupings are working together using C-V2X demonstrations – particularly with riders – to find ways to make Audi drivers more aware of cyclists and other not-motorised road users through safety alerts to avoid collisions.


It all follows, The Corner understands, following the US Congress passing an ‘Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in November 2021 to help supply” significant” money for a two-year study under the auspices of the US’ National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The NHTSA reported 846 cyclists killed in the US during 2019 by colliding with a motor vehicles – 36% more than in 2010. Injuries increased by 4.3% to 49 000.

Audi will start by developing hard- and software for its almost silent, all-electric, Audi E-Tron Sportback to communicate car-to-bicycle using short-range radio – no need for a cellular network.

Vehicles will ”read” their surroundings to identify a nearby bicycle(s) invisible to drivers.


Audi US has also, since 2020, been working with partners to develop C-V2X to warn of people working on the road ahead and Qualcomm and others on identifying school buses in school zones.

Audi estimates by 2023 there will be 5.3-million vehicles, work zones, railway crossings, bicycles, and other devices able to connect using C-V2X. ”That number,” Audi adds, ”could increase to 61-million by 2028 by connecting, in the US, as many as 20 000 road crossings, 60 000 school zones, 216,000 school buses, and 45-million smartphones.

The first public demonstrations of the Spoke-connected bicycle technology with the Audi E-Tron Sportback will from March 21-23 at a PeopleForBikes bicycle leadership conference in Dana Point, California.

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