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Volvo US bringing automation to vehicle trade-ins

MAHWAH, New Jersey – Volvo Car USA is adopting a programme to equip its dealers with an automated-inspection system intended to benefit both customer satisfaction and business efficiency.  

Camera systems from Israeli company UVeye use artificial-intelligence and machine-learning to check tyres, underbody components, and vehicle exteriors for defects, missing parts, and other safety-related items.

AUTOMATED VALUEING: Volvo US trade-ins can be autochecked for defects during haggling. Image: Volvo UVeye 1

Volvo Cars says its proud of its “long-standing reputation for safety, which can be further enhanced with automated inspection systems in retailers service departments.

”UVeye systems,” the Corner was told, “spot safety issues ranging from damaged tyres to defective underbody parts and so can identify possibly serious problems and so prevent accidents.”


The new service technology, Volvo added, will have three major benefits for dealers and customers: assistance for mechanics to identify problems, expedite maintenance, and facilitate repairs.

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The system will create digital “vehicle health” reports that include images of defects before they are repaired.

The tech, Volvo added, would assist with vehicle trade-in appraisal disputes, pointing out that owners often believed their cars were worth more.

TUNNEL REVISION: A tunnel-vision check can value a trade=in and settle disputes between sellers and dealers. Image: Volvo US

David Oren, UVeye’s strategy officer, noted for The Corner: “Volvo Cars and its retailers like technology that improves customer service and maintains our commitment to safety and engagement with customers.”

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