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Latest Minis slip into Lapland to do spins on Arctic ice

TAKING SKATING LESSONS: Some of the Mini fleet sent to chill in the Arctic Circle Image: Mini

MUNICH. Germany – The upcoming new version of the latest baby in the 1960’s Mini family is doing warm-ups in the Arctic Circle to test driving dynamics at parent BMW’s winter test centre in Arjeplog, Sweden.

The fully electric Minis have been doing severe cold-climate runs (March 2022) as part of a major chapter in a development programme involving the electric drivetrain, high-voltage battery, power electronics and associated charging tech to ”show their high degree of maturity at extreme sub-zero temperatures”.

Snow-covered roads and prepared areas on frozen lakes also served to test the drive, steering, chassis, and overall refinement/harmony.


”The Three Door is the first version of the new family,” Mini told The Corner in a media release from the Frozen North – like previous generations, to check the concept and driving fun – electric driving fun.”


The Three Door will supplemented into the market with the current Mini Countryman – also a new edition of the top-seller – in the premium compact segment which will be marketed with both an internal combustion engine and a fully electric drive.

Later in 2022 will come a concept study of a crossover for the premium small-car segment.

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Stefanie Wurst, head of the Mini brand, told The Corner via a media release: ”The car is on a growth path towards a fully electric future. This one maximises the experience for customers through its electrified go-kart feeling combined with digitalised touchpoints – and a clear focus on sustainability with a minimal environmental footprint.”

The new Mini will, The Corner was told, continue the concept of urban driving fun that’s been its hallmark since the 1960s but ”implemented even more puristically and sustainably.


”This is particularly clear from the classic shell but electrification allowed the designers to think fundamentally and to create starting points for a combination of individual style, attention to detail, sense of tradition, and passion for innovation.

”Traction harks back through its unique history while using the latest technology. Its claim to have enabled harmony, which will help production models to deliver Mini’s go-kart feeling and driving comfort.”

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