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US charging stations show way to bright electric future

RESTON, Virginia – Electrify America has announced a whole new on-the-journey vision for some of its future battery-car recharge stations. It no longer be a boring chore…

The American company will introduce charger stations with functional design to ease customers’ “damn-it-we-need-to-recharge moments” charging experiences. Just look at the images!

Electrify America wants to introduce customer-focused services at busy locations. Just imagine have something like them on the holiday slog from Jozi to Durban, or several between Jozi and Cape Town.

BRIGHTER FUTURE? Now will you think about that battery-car?

Such installations, it’s hoped will begin to appear in the US during 2022/23 in California – Santa Barbara, San Francisco, San Diego and Beverly Hills and in New York in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Experimental stations are operating in Baker and Santa Clara, two towns in California. 

Giovanni Palazzo, CEO of Electrify America, told The Corner: “We hope to re-invent the look-and-feel at many our charging stations to ease – perhaps even encourage – vehicle owners to move from petrol and diesel to an electric lifestyle.

“These new designs will help to elevate the charging experience for our customers, building on the foundation of our ultra-fast and reliable coast-to-coast network.”

Design concepts show comfortable spaces focused on enhancing the recharge experience with a new environment for electric-vehicle charging. Electrify America has integrated customer feedback and insights from trend research and leading architecture and construction consultants to include human-centred, unique, community design.”


Showcase stations will have as many as 20 ultra-fast DC chargers. While travellers take a break the will be able to visit lounges, electric-vehicle displays all sheltered by solar-power canopies from the sun or inclement weather.

CHARGING INTO THE FUTURE: Electric cars’ future just got brighter.

Solar awnings are being added to as many as 500 individual chargers across 100 charging stations to shelter customers while the canopies collect from-the-sun energy. (No mention, readers, about cloudy days.)


Electrify America will instal vehicle chargers with simplified functions but be able to deliver up to 350kW of charging power. They units will stand 2.5m tall and have:

• An all-new design that refines the look and have a smaller footprint. the footprint.

• A recessed and brighter HMI (human-machine interface) screen to reduce glare from the sun.

• A single connector cable with a management system to make the physical connection easy no matter the vehicle’s socket position.


“The momentum moving us closer to an electric transport system us growing as users find more and more electric vehicles from many automakers,” Giovanni Palazzo said. “Our customer research shows the need to transit to a more inviting charging experience that accommodates the human experience with comfortable waiting areas and other conveniences.”

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