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Grecale: New hotshot SUV range from Maserati

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – The new Maserati Grecale, its maker says, has just the right balance of versatility, elegance, performance, and innovation along with sport performance, comfort, and safety.

Let’s see exactly what makes up the whole package… which will be delivered initially from Maserati’s Innovation Lab in Modena, as ”a range within a range, the Trident brand’s fullest yet”.

A wide range of engines will be available: conventional internal combustion, hybrid, and, in perhaps a year, a Grecale could be the first fully-electric SUV in Maserati history.

Three versions will be rolled out at launch:

  • Grecale GT – four-cylinder, mild hybrid, engine capable of 225kW.
  • Grecale Modena – four-cylinder, 246kW, mild hybrid engine.
  • Grecale Trofeo – high-performance, three-litre, 395kW petrol V6.
  • …and, down the line, the Grecale Folgore, a 100% electric version with 400V technology

”Our new SUV,” Maserati told The Corner, ”stands out in terms of cabin space and comfort – and an impressive set of best-in-class features that includes cabin space, driveability, handling, acceleration (0-100km/h 3.8sec Trofeo), top speed (285km/h Trofeo), sound quality, and extensive use of wood, carbon-fibre, and leather.”

NEW FROM MASERATI: The beautiful and sporty Grecale. Image Supplied

The GT version is just short of five metres long, has a 2.9m wheelbase, is 1,67m tall and 2.163m wide (including wing mirrors), and rear-wheel track of 1.948m (wider than the Trofeo).


The Grecale is said to embrace Maserati’s new visual symbol which has identified every new model since the MC20. The front has a low, but imposing, grille, the profile ”purity and technique”, and boomerang tail-lights.

Technology is controlled from displays – a 31cm central screen, a 22cm display for the extra controls, a third for the passengers – while audio entertainment will be handled by a stereo system of 14 speakers – or 21 for premium effect.

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