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Easter road-deaths halved – but it’s still bad news

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Deaths on Gauteng roads over the 2022 Easter holiday weekend – there were “only” 16 – were half the usual number. Good news for sure, but results for other provinces are yet to be published.

CEO of MasterDrive Eugene Herbert, however, says things might not worth celebration…

“The floods in kwaZulu-Natal from just before Easter but through the course of the weekend may have reduced the number of travellers to that area,” he suggested. “A source who works along the Van Reenan’s Pass reported only 600 cars an hour passing through – previous years averaged 3000 an hour.


“Ultimately, there was only 20% of the usual number of cars on that route. If the road-death rate was proportionate to 2021 then ‘only’ five people should have died; while 16 looks like a great improvement compared to last year’s 30 this perspective it still not quite what we should hope for.

“We’ve been hesitant to compare road-death rates between years that fell within the Covid lockdown, South Africa should also be cautious in its optimism about road deaths reducing this year as well. It is notable that the government seems to display the same caution.”

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