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Congrats! VWSA produces millionth Polo for export

UITENHAGE, South Africa – Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and an ongoing shortage of semi-conductors Volkswagen SA has assembled its millionth Polo for export.

The coastal factory has assembled Polos since 1996 but only started export in 2002 – eventually to 38 countries primarily for right-hand markets but also for left-handers.

The same plant also assembles the Polo GTi and, for SA only, the Polo Vivo to help manufacture over the years 4 181 031 vehicles to date, of which 1 292 793 were exported.

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Robert Cisek, VWSA’s chairman and MD, told The Corner: “Given the current climate, despite the Covid pandemic and the semi-conductor crisis, this milestone is an especially strong moment for VWSA.

“VW is the biggest private employer in Nelson Mandela Bay and a significant player among exports from this region. We’re proud of the milestone and look forward to the next million mark. I thank every employee who has contributed to this achievement.”


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