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Maserati Cielo – a spyder weaves a whole new web

MODENA, Italy – The MC20 super sport car is now also a spyder – Maserati’s MC20 Cielo, a one-of-a-kind car that claims to deliver the performance of super-sport car and an immersive driving pleasure “the likes of which had never been seen”.

MC20 Cielo announces its special features in its very name: MC stands for Maserati Corse (‘Racing’); 20 refers to 2020, the year that began the brand’s new era; Cielo (‘sky’) highlights the fact that it is a model devoted to driving pleasure in the great outdoors, while maintaining everything from the coupé.


Equipped with the revolutionary V6 Nettuno engine, the Cielo is said to have a perfect mix of sportiness and luxury, courtesy of a specification unique to the segment: a retractable glass roof intended “to be a meeting point between Maserati audacity and the infinite sky”.

It also has an electrochromic (smart glass) window that can instantly be transformed from clear to opaque at the touch of a button.

Developed at the Maserati Innovation Lab and produced at the historic plant on Viale Ciro Menotti, the spyder is 100% made in Italy and 100% made in Modena, as is the coupé version.


MC20 Cielo, The Corner was told, “was designed for perfection”. “It’s only 65kg heavier than the coupé thanks to precise work during design which will enhance all three versions, As well as its outstanding weight-to-power ratio, the carbon-fibre chassis (on all three configurations – coupé, spyder and the future electric version) also guarantees torsional rigidity “for extraordinary handling on road and track”.

Nothing, Maserati told us, is superfluous; everything has a function – even the concession to a surprise effect – butterfly doors, as on the MC20 super-sports car and which permits easier access.

From an aesthetic perspective, the launch version has a new three-layer metallic colour called Acquamarina, and part of the Maserati Fuoriserie customisation programme.

As well as parking radar, rear camera, blind-spot monitoring are autonomous emergency braking, traffic-sign information, along with a new 360° camera.

Finally, the media release points out, the in-car experience is managed from an “intelligent assistant”.

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