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California calling: ‘We’ll set our emissions levels’

SACRAMENTO, California – Honda and four other American automakers have filed a motion to intervene in a federal lawsuit to defend California’s authority to set its own stringent emissions standards under the Clean Air Act.

The automakers issued this joint statement: “As the five original California Framework companies we stood with California in 2020 in support of the state’s ability to set stricter vehicle emissions standards. Today’s decision by Ford, Volkswagen Group, BMW Group, Honda, and Volvo to intervene in this suit reaffirms that commitment.


“We urge the Court to affirm the EPA’s Waiver Decision and allow California to protect people’s health and combat climate change by setting clean-air standards.

“Doing so will move us closer to a zero-emissions transport future and make a positive contribution to a global regulatory framework.”

That would draw together Honda, BMW, Ford, Volkswagen, BMW, and Volvo Cars.

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