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Toyota’s Corolla wins SA Car of Year – yet again

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Apart from SA Car of the Year (COTY), Toyota has won titles for the Compact Category – Urban Cruiser; Compact Family Category – Corolla Cross; New Energy Category – Corolla Cross Hybrid; Adventure SUV Category – Toyota Land Cruiser 300.

Toyota SA says the Corolla name has a rich and diverse history spanning 12 generations, having racked up more than 50-million global sales – among the most successful vehicle model ranges ever.

Spawned as a compact city car in 1966, the Corolla has continued to evolve with the needs of the times and of the regions.


It’s the third time a Corolla has won the COTY. “The first front-wheel drive Corolla in 1984 won the first SA Guild of Motoring Journalists’ Car of the Year award in 1986. Three years later (1989) it was again voted the SA Guild of Motoring Journalists’ Car of the Year with a GLi Twin Cam 16 Executive.

The latest COTY champion, Corolla Cross, is the first foray into the crossover/SUV space and combines the respected core-product characteristics of Corolla is known for but with a new body shape that offers enhanced function and utility.

Launched towards the end of the 2021, the Corolla Cross comes in petrol or hybrid variants and is assembled in Durban.


The SAGMJ said more than 49 vehicles in eight segments, competed in this year’s COTY to be crowned king of their categories.

“While it might have taken 33 years for Corolla to win another COTY, we do feel this one is really special as this is a locally produced model that shoot the lights out the moment it hit the dealer floor,” says Leon… Theron, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at TSAM.

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