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Find anywhere – fast – with your Land Rover

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Jaguar Land Rover is offering accurate and precise navigation, even in remote locations, with What3Words global location technology even for vehicles already on the road and through a software-over-the-air update.

The “always-on” program has divided the globe into a grid of 3mx3m squares and given each a unique combination of three words: technology, which works without the a need for mobile connectivity new and existing customers will be able to navigate to any precise location in the world using just three words.


It’s part of the latest SOTA upgrade already added to more than 1.3-million vehicles and once updated, the system enables customers to input addresses directly into the navigation bar on the Pivi Pro Infotainment system.

The integration has been delivered by HERE Technologies, Jaguar Land Rover’s navigation partner for the past 25 years. Driving services include turn-by-turn guidance: real-time traffic and on- and off-street parking that will guide drivers through their entire journey.

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