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Hyundai reveals IONIQ 6 – an electrified streamliner

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Hyundai has revealed the streamlined and timeless design of the highly anticipated IONIQ 6, the second model in its IONIQ dedicated all-electric-vehicle line-up.

The IONIQ 6 – Hyundai describes it as an “electrified Streamliner”, is aerodynamically sculpted and makes innovative use of sustainable materials to match today’s EV customers’ values.

The IONIQ 6, Hyundai says, “has clean, simple, lines in a pure aerodynamic form – Hyundai designers describe it as ‘Emotional Efficiency’ – an electrified streamliner with a silhouette for a new era of electric mobility”.

SangYup Lee, executive vice-president and head of Hyundai Design Centre, told “The IONIQ 6 connects an emotional convergence of functionality with aesthetics. The streamlined design is the result of close co-operation between engineers and designers but with obsessive attention to detail.

“Like the award-winning IONIQ 5, the IONIQ 6 has a unique appearance. Hyundai designs with diverse lifestyles in mind rather than taking a one-style-fits-all approach.

The IONIQ 6 has, The Corner was told, has an ultra-low drag coefficient of 0.21 thanks to a low nose, front air flaps, wheel-gap reducers, and (optional) slim side mirrors. There’s even an elliptical wing-inspired spoiler, and a “boat-tail” structure.


The IONIQ 6’s cocoon-shaped cabin, its maker says, “serves as both a comfortable hideaway and personal space with practical features and sustainable materials to facilitate a mindful, eco-friendly mobility experience and lifestyle.

The cars’ platform, The Corner was told, meant designers could stretch the cabin, front and rear, to create maximum legroom and to create a flat floor.

The user-centric interior shape involves a central ergonomic control unit “to reduce distraction and encourage safe driving. The touchscreen facia has a 30cm touch info display and 30cm digital cluster. A centre console provides generous storage.

Removing buttons from the front doors created more breathing room and storage.


In line with the IONIQ 6’s ‘Ethical Uniqueness’ theme and inspired by eco-conscious consumers, the designers applied sustainable materials to the exterior, including recycled pigment paint from worn-out tyres.

The IONIQ 6’s interior is also trimmed with sustainable materials and colours. Depending on trim level, these include eco-process leather (seats), recycle fabric and recycled fishing nets.

The IONIQ 6 world launch will be in July 2022.

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