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Maserati Cielo: Reaching for the sky for a one-of-a-kind

MODERNA, Italy – Maserati has showcased a one-of-a-kind Spyder, to be known as the MC20 Cielo, to mark International Day of Light.

The event was on May 25 2022

The Trident brand revealed the name of a car characterised, Maserati told The Corner, by a special ‘Sky Feeling’ – naturally, that would indicate a convertible.

The MC20 Cielo announced its sporting ambitions and its special feature: MC stands for Maserati Corse (‘Racing’), 20 refers to 2020, the year that began the brand’s new era.

Cielo (‘sky’) highlights that it will be devoted to driving top down.

The new Spyder is a 100% made-in-Italy unit developed at Maserati’s Innovation Lab in Modena and assembled at the historic plant on Viale Ciro Menotti – as is the standard coupé.

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