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At last – a national check for buyers

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa -The Automobile Association (AA) has launched a national service for independent vehicle dealers and AA Approved workshops to provide credible information about pre-owned vehicles they might buy.

Through the service, dealers can offer a 125-point vehicle inspection to provide a comprehensive report on the vehicle to prospective buyers. Buyers across South Africa will be able to access this service at any dealer displaying the AA Certified Pre-Owned branding.

Willem Groenewald, AA CEO, said: “This product and service, along with brand partner AA Warranties, will offer support to independent dealers and provide the public with a valuable and credible service that enhances the sale and purchase experience.”


Critically, the inspection process does not offer a “pass” or “fail” assessment – it provides a report which states the “facts” of the vehicle at the time of assessment.

Groenewald added: “The report is not intended to favour anybody – it’s simply giving a true, unbiased, reflection of the vehicle at the time of inspection – a powerful tool for sellers and buyers.”

The first vehicle certified was sold by Auto King in Milnerton, Cape Town. Les Herring, dealer principal at Auto King, said the decision to offer the inspection was an easy one.


He added: “The AA is an established, trusted, credible brand. This service will add immense value to my customers and benefit my business greatly.”

The intention is to have 150 dealers offering the service across South Africa within two years.

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