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Return of the Crown – Toyota history back to life

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – The Toyota Crown had its initial debut in 1955 as Toyota’s first mass-produced passenger vehicle to be created with its own domestic technology.

The DNA of “innovation and limit-pushing” that led to the creation of the first independently developed luxury car in the early post-war Second World War has been passed down to successive models for the past 67 years. Since then the Crown was unable to fully meet the needs of its customers.


A development team thoroughly re-examined what “Crown” is/was and as their pursuit of a “Crown for a new era” has created four completely new models. In addition to the Crossover – a new style that combines sedan and SUV – the Sport has a sporty driving experience in an easy-to-drive package.

Toyota says the sedan is a new formal design for chauffeurs, the Estate a pure SUV. The new series, the company says, will be available in about 40 countries and regions.

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