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Chill! Share the road behind learner drivers

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Every driver has been in a situation where there is a learner driver within your proximity that is either frustrating you or causing concern. Yet, like it or not, learners will always be part of the road so you should adjust your driving when encountering them.

Be safe – don’t cause danger on the roads!

CHAT WITH YOUR TEACHER: Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Image: Supplied

CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says an ‘L’-plate in the rear window should never be ignored but always with courtesy. “It’s both a warning that the driver has little experience and reminds that it’s also a request for patience, time, and space.

“Treat a learner the way you would a dangerous driver – minimise risk and give them space to learn without pressure.”


• Increase your following distance – just in case!

• As soon as safe overtake the learner’s vehicle.

• Be patient. Give the newbie as long as needed without pressure – certainly don’t use your horn!

• Don’t assume the learner will do what you think is required.

NOT RECOMMENDED: Keep both hands on the steering wheel, Image: Supplied

For example, if you overtake a learner and have space to do so put an extra lane between your and the learner’s vehicle and don”t assume the learner will check his or her blind spot.

“Remember, you were once that learner and probably remember how at least one thoughtless driver put pressure on you – even created a dangerous situation.”

Don’t be that driver!

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